Individuals & Families

Our Company are UK Immigration Advisers providing the full range of UK visa applications with the Home Office Border & Immigration Agency and UK Embassies and High Commissions around the world.

Our Services Include:

  • Indefinite Leave to Remain,
  • British Citizenship through naturalisation Naturalisation is the process of becoming a British citizen. We can advise you on the requirements and help you to make your naturalisation application.
  • UK Passport: Making an application for a UK Passport. If you hold one of the various forms of British nationality, you may apply for a UK Passport for use as evidence of your nationality.
  • Work in the UK: UK Work Permit and UK visa services. The full range of employment visas including Tier 1 General Highly Skilled visas: the replacement to HSMP, Tier 1 Post-study work visas, and Tier 2 visas: the UK Work Permit scheme replacement.
  • Tier 1 General visasPoints Based System replacement to HSMP. Tier 1 General replaces HSMP (Highly Skilled Migrant Programme).
  • Tier 1 Post Study Work visas: Tier 1 post-study work visa, the UK replacement to SEGS, WISS, and IGS. Students can work in the UK after completing their studies.
  • Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visas: Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visas provide a route for entry to the UK for non-European Economic Area nationals who are internationally recognised as the world-leading talent in science and the arts. We can assist you with any queries you have and explain the necessary steps involved with your application.
  • Tier 2 General visas: PBS – Tier 2, for skilled workers with job offer. Tier 2 replaces the current UK Work Permit system. Issued to UK-based employers employing foreign workers.
  • Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer visas: If you are transferring from overseas to a post in the UK in the same company with which you are currently employed, you will need to possess a Tier 2 Intra Company Transfer visa. We can assist you with your queries on, and application for, this visa.
  • Tier 2 Sports person visas: Tier 2 Sportsperson visas are for elite sports persons and coaches who are seeking entry to the UK. We can assist you with any queries you may have and with your application under this Tier 2 subcategory.
  • Tier 2 Ministers of Religion Visas: If you are seeking to enter the UK to fulfil a job as a minister of religion you may need to apply for a Tier 2 Minister of Religion visa. We can assist you in your application.
  • Tier 2 Sponsor Licence: Employers must have a Tier 2 Sponsor Licence if they want to employ workers from outside the European Economic Area. We can assist you with your application for a Tier 2 Sponsor Licence.
  • Entertainers Work Permits & Visas Entertainers with an invitation to perform at specific events in the UK need to obtain a UK Entertainer visa.
  • Domestic Worker Visas: To apply for a Domestic Worker Visa to travel with your employer to the UK as a domestic worker in a private household.

Europeans and their Dependants

The European Economic Area (EEA) includes thirty countries. Nationals of the old EEA and Switzerland are automatically able to work in the UK without restriction. If you are a national of an A2 country and you wish to work or study, you must apply for permission, and be issued with a Registration Certificate or Accession Worker Card before you commence either your work or studies.

If you are an EU national excercising treaty rights in the UK you may be able to bring your family to the UK. People who are married to, or in a civil partnership with an EU citizen are eligible to apply for an EEA Family Permit. Unmarried partners, fiancés, and fiancées also have entitlements. Applying for an EEA residence permit entitles EEA nationals and dependants of EEA nationals to the right of residence.

  • Registration Certificates (EEA & Swiss nationals)An EEA Registration Certificate confirms an EEA national’s right to live and work in the UK under European Community law.
  • EEA Family PermitAn EEA Family Permit is a form of ‘entry clearance’ to the UK for non-EEA family members of an EEA national. We can assist you in your application for a permit from your country.
  • Residence Cards (Non-EEA/Swiss family members)An EEA Residence Card confirms a family member of an EEA national’s right to reside in the UK under European Community law.
  • EEA Permanent ResidenceEEA Permanent Residence confirms a right of permanent residence in the UK for EEA nationals and their non-EEA family members. We can assist you in obtaining confirmation of your Permanent Residence.
  • EC Association Agreement:The EC Association Agreement allows Turkish nationals to set up in self-employment in the UK with rights and privileges under the Ankara Agreement.
  • Work Permits for Turkish Nationals: Individual rights under the AgreementThe Agreement, its Additional Protocol and Decisions of the Association Council are part of EEC law. The European Court of Justice has decided that these give specific rights to Turkish nationals and businesses which the EEC Member States are required by EEC law to respect.Under Article 6(1) of Association Council Decision 1/80, Turkish nationals legally employed in an EEC Member State for certain periods gain rights to remain or switch employment in that state- a Turkish national legally employed by the same employer for one year has the right to permission from the Member State to remain in that employment;- a Turkish national legally employed for three years in a particular area of work has the right to permission from the Member State to take employment with any employer in that area;A Turkish national who works legally as an au pair or while a student can count as a worker. – a Turkish national legally employed for four years has the right to permission from the Member State to take employment with any employer.A Turkish national who works legally as an au pair or while a student can count as a worker.

Family Immigration

We provide UK visa services based on relationships or ancestry. Fiancé visas, Marriage/spouse visas, De facto/unmarried partner visas, Same-sex/civil partner visas, Family dependant visas, and UK Ancestry visas.

  • UK Ancestry Visas: UK Ancestry Visas based on British ancestry are a UK visa immigration option allowing Commonwealth citizens to live and work without usual work permit restrictions.
  • Spouse visas: Need help obtaining a Spouse visa? A UK Marriage visa (Spouse visa) enables your husband or wife to join you in the United Kingdom.
  • Same-sex/Civil Partner Visas: The Civil Partner visa applies to applicants in a same-sex relationship who have formed a Civil Partnership with a British/EU citizen or a UK Permanent Resident.
  • Fiancé / Fiancée Visas: Fiancé/Fiancee visa advice for fiances/fiancees with a UK partner. Marry your loved one in the UK.
  • Unmarried Partner Visas:UK Unmarried Partner visas for those with a UK partner, who are unmarried. Lived with your de facto partner for 2 years?
  • Proposed Civil Partner Visas: Proposed Civil Partner/Same-sex visa. Yet to enter into a Civil Partnership, but require a visa to do so?
  • UK Family Dependant Visas:Dependant visa. UK Family Dependency visa advice, guidance and services. Information for people hoping to have their dependants move or stay in the UK.

Long Residency:

The Long term residency visa applies to people who have resided in the UK for a sufficient length of time.   Eligibility Criteria

  • Length of Residence For UK Residency Visa

Long term residency visa applications are granted for exceptionally long periods spent in the UK; usually these visas are issued after 10 or 14 years residence in the UK.

  1. 10 Year visa For Residency Visa: The 10 year rule applies to applicants who have legally been living in the UK for ten years. If approved by the Home Office the individual is granted permanent residency and has no time limit on their continued stay in the UK14 Year visa For Residency Visa
  2. The 14 year rule applies to long term residents who have lived in the UK continuously for more than 14 years whether this maybe legally or illegally. In this type of case if the applicant is successful they will be awarded Indefinite Leave to Remain. Visa Applications of this type are considered by the Home Office as long as there are no other circumstances which may counter the application, such as a criminal record.
  3. Spouse and Dependent Immigration: Spouse immigration and Fiancé Immigration is not permitted as part of your application for Indefinite Leave to Remain if it is under the long term residency visa category. The long term residency visa category does not permit you to bring your spouse, fiancé or unmarried partner to the UK, although they may be eligible to enter the UK on another visa such as the Tier 1 General or Work Permit.

The 14 Year Rule will be abolished from 9th July 2012 in favour of the Article 8-based applications explained above. Anyone gathering evidence for such an application is strongly advised to submit it now 

Other UK Immigration Areas

  • Tier 4 Student visas:Tier 4 General student and Child student visas are for international students who have already received an offer of a place from a UK educational institution to come to the UK and study.
  • Tier 4 Sponsor Licence: Education providers must have a Tier 4 Sponsor Licence if they want to teach students from outside the European Economic Area. We can assist you with your application for a Tier 4 Sponsor Licence.
  • Further Leave to Remain (FLR): Applying for Further Leave to Remain, or FLR, means making an application to extend your time in the UK for a set period, and obtain a new stamp in your passport.
  • Tier 5 Temporary Worker visas: The Tier 5 Temporary Worker visa is the route for migrants who wish to enter the UK to do temporary work for an employer in the UK. We can assist you to determine if you are eligible to apply for a visa under this Tier and with any subsequent application.
  • Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme visas: The Youth Mobility Scheme is designed to enable young nationals of certain countries to gain entry clearance to live and work in the UK. We can assist you with any queries you have on the Youth Mobility Scheme.
  • Entry Clearance (EC)Entry Clearance (EC) is permission, often called ‘leave’, to enter the UK. Secure UK Entry Clearance to visit or immigrate to the UK.
  • UK Tourist / Visitor Visas: Want to travel to the United Kingdom (UK) as a visitor? UK Visas for holidays, tourist & short term visits.
  • Direct Airside Transit Visas: Direct Airside Transit visa advice to ensure your immigration application is successful.

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