Overseas Entrepreneurs

Overseas Entrepreneurs

The UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa is for individuals from countries outside of the EEA who want to establish or acquire a business in the UK.

Initially you get a visa for 3 years and an extension of 2 years is granted providing certain conditions are met.  Indefinite Leave to Remain can be applied for after 5 years.

The basic requirements for the initial visa are:

  • Evidence of £200,000 available to invest in the UK plus maintenance funds (or £100,000 per applicant if acting as a 2-person Entrepreneurial Team;
  • English language ability (holder of accepted English language degree or accredited English language test);
  • After 3 years, in order to secure the 2 year extension, you must show:
  1. That you are appointed as a Director of a UK company within 6 months;
  • That you have invested £200,000 in a UK business(es) via equity or unsecured loan;
  • Evidence that your investment has resulted in the creation of the equivalent of 2 full time jobs for 12 months;
  • That you spent 185 days per year in the UK;

our company can assists you by introducing suitable business opportunities and support according to you need needs either in house or via our network of specialist investment advisers.

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